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Acid-Base Calculator

Acid-Base Calculator


Acid-Base CalculatorThis application has been developed to facilitate the quantitative approach to acid-base interpretation at the bedside.


This application improves patient care by enabling the healthcare professional to quickly identify an acid-base disorder and initiate timely therapy directed towards the underlying cause. Acid-Base Calculator is internationally friendly allowing laboratory results to be entered using a variety of units.
  1. Acid - Base Status
  2. Individual Ion’s Effect on Base Excess
  3. Apparent Strong Ion Difference
  4. Effective Strong Ion Difference
  5. Strong Ion Gap
  6. Gamblegram
  7. Anion Gap
  8. Corrected Anion Gap
  9. Osmolar Gap

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why did the disclaimer message appear this morning?

A. The disclaimer message will appear every 3 months just to remind you of the terms and conditions of using the application.

Q. When I change the orientation from portrait to landscape how do I get the topic text to expand. ?

A. To get the topic text to expand simply tap the screen and the text will automatically expand or contract to fit the screen.


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