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Septic Hip Calculator

Septic Hip Calculator


PICU Calculator This application helps in the process of differentiating between a transient synovitis (irritable hip) and septic arthritis of the hip.


Differentiating between a transient synovitis (irritable hip) and septic arthritis of the hip is a common but difficult task faced by emergency physicians and paediatricians on a daily basis. There have been a number of major studies looking at clinical predictors that can be used to differentiate between the two above conditions. While no single clinical predictor alone can either confirm or exclude a diagnosis of septic arthritis, the more predictors that are present, the more like it is that the child has septic arthritis.
The majority of the work in this area has been done by Kocher et al. After carrying out a diagnostic study in 1999 the group when on to carry out a valuation study in 2004.They showed that the presence or absence of the following 4 clinical predictors could be used to accurately predict the likelihood of a septic hip in a child with limp.
  1. Fever > 38.5°C
  2. Non - weightbearing
  3. ESR > 40 mm / hr
  4. WCC > 12 x 109 / L
In 2006 Caird et al looked at the same 4 clinical predictors that had been examined by Kocher et al, with the additional predictor of a CRP > 20 mg / L.They also showed that as the number of predictors increased so did the likelihood of a septic hip.

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