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PICU Calculator

PICU Calculator


PICU Calculator This application has been developed by an experienced team of clinicians to provide the user with a wealth of information with a few simple clicks. In a matter of seconds the 'PICU Calculator' provides normal values and doses.


The easy to use interphase and organisation into the above categories means the user can quickly find the information they need and make this application a real joy to use. Important design features include:
  • The option to enter age in ‘Years, Months and Days’ or as ‘Date of Birth’
  • If known weight can be entered in ‘Kg’ or ‘Lb / Oz’
  • If weight is not known the calculator will provide an ‘estimated weight’ which has been calculated from the 50th centile for age and sex from World Health Organisation(WHO) growth charts.This increases the accuracy of the results provided by the calculator compared to using the standard formula(age in years + 4) x 2 to calculate estimated weight.
  • The calculator uses intelligent formulae which adjust the calculated doses of the drugs to the age of the child and restricts the maximum dose in each category to the normal adult dose.
  • Addition information is provided without cluttering up the main display through the use of pop up ‘info boxes’ which contain addition advice such as contraindications or information about monitoring and reference ranges of drug levels.
This application has been extensively tested and has been shown to significantly increase both the speed accuracy of doctors prescribing. A must for any Paediatrician, Anaesthetist, Emergency Department Physician, Paediatric Intensivist or any healthcare professional who as some stage may find themselves looking after an acutely unwell child.
  1. Normal Physiological Value
    • Heart Rate
    • BP
    • Respiratory Rate
    • Minimum Urinary Output
    • Body Surface Area
    • Tidal Volume
  1. Airway
    • ET Tube Internal Diameter
    • ET Tube Length(Oral)
    • ET Tube Length(Nasal)
    • LMA Size
  1. Fluids
    • Fluid Bolus
    • Fluid Bolus(Trauma/ DKA)
    • Maintenance
    • Hypoglycaemia
  1. Induction Agents
    • Ketamine
    • Thiopentone
    • Propofol
    • Midazolam
    • Fentanyl
  1. Muscle Relaxants
    • Atracurium
    • Rocuronium
    • Suxamethonium
    • Vecuronium
  1. Resuscitation
    • Adrenaline
    • Amiodarone
    • Atropine
    • Calcium Gluconate
    • Calcium Chloride
    • DC Shock
    • Magnesium Sulphate
    • Sodium Bicarbonate
  1. Infusions
    • Adrenaline
    • Dinoprostone
    • Dobutamine
    • Dopamine
    • Midazolam
    • Morphine
    • Noradrenaline
    • Vasopressin
    • Aminophylline
    • Salbutamol
    • Furosemide
    • Fentanyl
    • Nitroprusside
    • Vecuronium
    • Isoprenaline
    • Potassium Chloride
  1. Antibiotics
    • Amoxicillin
    • Benzylpenicillin
    • Co-amoxiclav
    • Cefotaxime
    • Ceftriaxone
    • Ceftazidime
    • Cefuroxime
    • Ciprofloxacin
    • Clindamycin
    • Flucloxacillin
    • Gentamicin
    • Meropenem
    • Metronidazole
    • Aciclovir

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q Why did the disclaimer message appear this morning?

A. The disclaimer message will appear every 3 months just to remind you of the terms and conditions of using the application.

Q. When I change the orientation from portrait to landscape how do I get the topic text to expand. ?

A. To get the topic text to expand simply tap the screen and the text will automatically expand or contract to fit the screen.


We hope that you do not encounter any problems when running this application but in the event of this occurring we would like you to register a support request. To register a support request or to contact us about anything regarding the application , please complete the product Support Request Form.